Q. Does underlay need to be taped.

A. I was asked by a customer today “Should we tape the underlayment
together before putting click vinyl on top?” I fielded this question out
to one of our installers who says that if they have a strip built in to
overlap and use that, otherwise he does it sporadically with duct tape.

Question 1
Sticker Shock
Many Customers who are buying Laminate for the first time are shocked at
the costs involved.

  1. There is the product you are buying.
  2. There is a cost to either raise baseboards or add quarter round to cover
    the edges.
  3. There are costs for Transitions and transitions are anywhere from $25 to
    $70 depending on the particular brand.
  4. Stairs are usually anywhere from $75-$200 a step figuring labor and
  5. Underlay can cost from $25 to $75 a roll.
  6. Cost to install the laminate itself.
  7. Don’t forget the cost to remove the existing floor.

These can all add up quite quickly and usually end up in the $4-$6 range
per square foot for a good quality laminate.